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Type: TESE
Title: Avaliação e qualidade na Educação profissional
Author: Genesini, Teresa A. Gomes
Advisor: Folledo, Manuel, 1939-
Abstract: Resumo: Não informado

Abstract: The main theme and subject of this thesis is the relationship between evaluation and quality when applied to education, or more specifically to vocational education. The attention to this subject has initiated with the evolution of the Total Quality Management phenomenon and with the vocational education institutions' need to rethink their policies and actions to face the transformation of the industrial companies caused by the technology and work force organization changes. The primary objective ofthis work is to provide elements to analyze the improvement of the instructional quality when submitted to a combined influence of evaluation techniques and total quality methods. A case study describes and analyzes an evaluation system implemented in the metalmechanics training course of SENAI (National Service for Industrial Apprenticeship ). The results are interpreted based on the general principIes of educational evaluation and quality management. To support the conclusion it was used the Deming concepts and models of quality management and an evaluation methodology generated from a bibliographical review of both interest areas: evaluation and quality. The final results demonstrated that the application of tools and concepts of quality to the instructional evaluations enabled a significant improvement in the teaching effectiveness impacting positively the performance of the students, the attitude of the instructors and the overall management of the educational processes
Subject: Educação
Ensino profissional
Language: Português
Editor: [s.n.]
Date Issue: 1998
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