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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Measurements of atmospheric neutrinos and antineutrinos in the MINOS far detector
Author: Adamson, P.
Backhouse, C.
Barr, G.
Bishai, M.
Blake, A. S. T.
Bock, G. J.
Boehnlein, D. J.
Bogert, D.
Cao, S. V.
Chapman, J. D.
Childress, S.
Coelho, J. A. B.
Corwin, L.
Cronin-Hennessy, D.
Danko, I. Z.
de Jong, J. K.
Devenish, N. E.
Diwan, M. V.
Escobar, C. O.
Evans, J. J.
Falk, E.
Feldman, G. J.
Frohne, M. V.
Gallagher, H. R.
Gomes, R. A.
Goodman, M. C.
Gouffon, P.
Graf, N.
Gran, R.
Grzelak, K.
Habig, A.
Hartnell, J.
Hatcher, R.
Himmel, A.
Holin, A.
Hylen, J.
Irwin, G. M.
Isvan, Z.
Jaffe, D. E.
James, C.
Jensen, D.
Kafka, T.
Kasahara, S. M. S.
Koizumi, G.
Kopp, S.
Kordosky, M.
Kreymer, A.
Lang, K.
Ling, J.
Litchfield, P. J.
Loiacono, L.
Lucas, P.
Mann, W. A.
Marshak, M. L.
Mathis, M.
Mayer, N.
Medeiros, M. M.
Mehdiyev, R.
Meier, J. R.
Messier, M. D.
Miller, W. H.
Mishra, S. R.
Mitchell, J.
Moore, C. D.
Mualem, L.
Mufson, S.
Musser, J.
Naples, D.
Nelson, J. K.
Newman, H. B.
Nichol, R. J.
Nowak, J. A.
Oliver, W. P.
Orchanian, M.
Pahlka, R. B.
Paley, J.
Patterson, R. B.
Pawloski, G.
Phan-Budd, S.
Plunkett, R. K.
Qiu, X.
Radovic, A.
Ratchford, J.
Rebel, B.
Rosenfeld, C.
Rubin, H. A.
Sanchez, M. C.
Schneps, J.
Schreckenberger, A.
Schreiner, P.
Sharma, R.
Sousa, A.
Speakman, B.
Strait, M.
Tagg, N.
Talaga, R. L.
Thomas, J.
Thomson, M. A.
Toner, R.
Torretta, D.
Tzanakos, G.
Urheim, J.
Vahle, P.
Viren, B.
Walding, J. J.
Weber, A.
Webb, R. C.
White, C.
Whitehead, L.
Wojcicki, S. G.
Zhang, K.
Zwaska, R.
Abstract: This paper reports measurements of atmospheric neutrino and antineutrino interactions in the MINOS Far Detector, based on 2553 live-days (37.9 kton-years) of data. A total of 2072 candidate events are observed. These are separated into 905 contained-vertex muons and 466 neutrino-induced rock-muons, both produced by charged-current nu(mu) and (nu) over bar (mu) interactions, and 701 contained-vertex showers, composed mainly of charged-current nu(e) and (nu) over bar (e) interactions and neutral-current interactions. The curvature of muon tracks in the magnetic field of the MINOS Far Detector is used to select separate samples of nu(mu) and (nu) over bar (mu) events. The observed ratio of (nu) over bar (mu) to v(mu) events is compared with the Monte Carlo ( MC) simulation, giving a double ratio of R((nu) over bar/nu)data/R(nu) over bar/nu MC = 1.03 +/- 0.08(stat) +/- 0.08(syst). The v(mu) and (nu) over bar (mu) data are separated into bins of L/E resolution, based on the reconstructed energy and direction of each event, and a maximum likelihood fit to the observed L/E distributions is used to determine the atmospheric neutrino oscillation parameters. This fit returns 90% confidence limits of |Delta m(2)| = (1.9 +/- 0.4) x 10(-3) eV(2) and sin(2)2 theta > 0.86. The fit is extended to incorporate separate nu(mu) and (nu) over bar mu oscillation parameters, returning 90% confidence limits of |Delta m(2)| - |Delta(m) over bar (2)| = 0.6(-0.8)(+2.4) x 10(-3) eV(2) on the difference between the squared-mass splittings for neutrinos and antineutrinos.
Country: USA
Editor: Amer Physical Soc
Citation: Physical Review D. Amer Physical Soc, v.86, n.5, 2012
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.86.052007
Date Issue: 2012
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