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Degree Level: Mestrado
Title: Influencia do tempo de armazenagem e da ação dos desinfetantes sobre a estabilidade dimensional e reprodução de detalhes das siliconas por condensação e por adição
Author: Goiato, Marcelo Coelho
Advisor: Consani, Simonides, 1939-
Abstract: Resumo: o propósito deste estudo foi verificar a influência do tempo de annazenagem em temperatura ambiente, nos penodos deI, 4 e 24 horas e da desinfecção por imersão durante 30 minutos, sobre a alteração dimensional linear e fidelidade de reprodução de detalhes nas siliconas por condensação e por adição. Foram utilizados neste estudo duas siliconas por condensação (Xantopren e 31

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to verify the influence of the storage time at room temperature, during the period of 1, 4 and 24 hours and the disinfection by immersion for 30 minutes, on the linear dimensional changing and fidelity of reproduction of details in the silicones by both condensation (Xantopren and 3M) and addition (Express, Extrude and Provil). The work was made according to the recommendation of the specification number 19 of the American Dental Association50 and the review of I.S.O. 4823/198452. For the analysis of the dimensional changing were made 5 pattems for each silicone. The pattems were separated from matrix for 3 minutes besides the recomended. time by the manufacturer and remained in room temperature in different period of time (1, 4 and 24 hours). The readings were made immediatily after pattem separation in an ERNST LEITZ (Germany) comparer microscope and after each storage time. The reproduction fidelity of details was analysed directly in the patems taking into consideration the groove impressions of 20 f..IlIl, 50 J..llIl and 75 f..IlIl depths. The detail observation was made with estereomicroscopio, in a magnification of 16 times. For the disinfection test the silicone pattems were made according to the specification number 19 of the American Dental Association50 and the Review ofI.S.O. number 4823/198452. Five pattems of each silicone were made for the 3 groups: Control, disinfection with Glutasept (4 % formaldehyde) and Glutalabor (2 % glutaraldehyde). The readings of the dimensional changing were made immediately after the obtention of the pattem and after disinfection by 30 mÍnutes in an ERNST LEITZ (Gerrmany) comparer microscope, in the same condition discribed in the test of dimensional changing. The results indicated that the storage time didn't produce significant statistic influence in dimensional changing and details reproduction of siIicones by addition (Express and Extrude). Then, the Provi! showed results with significant statistic differences in the inicial period, when compared to the periods of 4 and 24 hours. There was a significant statistic difference (p<0,05%) in the values of dimensional changing in the silicones by condensation (Xantopren and 3M) in alI storage periods. AlI silicones showed great reproduction of detaiIs, except 3M one, witch didn't reproduce clearIy the lines angIes of the matrix. The results showed that the pattem disinfection in 2% glutaraldeyde and 4% fonnaldehyde for 30 minutes, didn't show significant statistic changing (p<0,05%) in dimensional stabiIity detaiIs reproduction of all silicone pattems
Subject: Elastômeros na odontologia
Desinfecção e desinfetantes
Materiais dentários
Language: Português
Editor: [s.n.]
Date Issue: 1995
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