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Degree Level: Mestrado
Title: Disparação : a informação na fronteira entre arte e tecnologia
Author: Miele, Silvio Roberto
Advisor: Santos, Laymert Garcia dos, 1948-
Abstract: Resumo: Não informado

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to suggest parameters for a discussion on the value of information. The concept of value of information must take into account the relationship between quantity and quality, found at the basis of the information phenomenon. It materializes itself and increases in pace with material technological evolution. Everything being information, how can the information phenomenon be evaluated? It is in the point of contact between the field of Art and that of Technology that this question between the field of Art and that of Technology that this question will be answered, through the exploration of how information can dilute the age-old boundaries between these two fields. Freeing the informational phenomenon from the notion of representation and introducing the concept of quality of information within the context of a sign generated in a system due to the communication of difference, of ?disparation? (information being defined as the communication of difference), we replace in the universe of Art the notion of form (mode, model), by that of information. In the realm of Technology, we recognize that the instruments (the machines) don?t impoverich the nature of the capacity of perception, on the contrary, this capacity is amplified by them? Note: The complete abstract is available with the full electronic digital thesis or dissertations
Subject: Arte e tecnologia
Language: Português
Editor: [s.n.]
Citation: MIELE, Silvio Roberto. Disparação: a informação na fronteira entre arte e tecnologia. 1992. 327 f. Dissertação (mestrado) - Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Instituto de Artes, Campinas, SP. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 15 jul. 2018.
Date Issue: 1992
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