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Type: TESE
Degree Level: Doutorado
Title: A esquerda e o peronismo
Author: Etulain, Carlos Raul, 1960-
Advisor: Silva, Sergio Salome, 1943-
Abstract: Resumo: Este trabalho se dedica ao estudo do pensamento da esquerda, quando o peronismo já estava constituído e consolidado como movimento popular. O ponto central da análise aqui proposta é a configuração da relação entre os grupos e partidos da esquerda com o peronismo. Uma vez que o peronismo exerce influência diferencial sobre os setores populares, a relação entre esquerda e peronismo permitiria, também, melhorar o desempenho da esquerda junto às massas, de modo que, no pensamento da esquerda, resultou de grande importância definir sua posição frente ao peronismo. Aqui serão tratados aspectos da história do movimento peronista e dos partidos e grupos de esquerda, assim como os eventos da conjuntura política dos anos 60 e 70 que serviram de marco para a construção da relação entre peronismo e esquerda

Abstract: This thesis undertakes Argentinean political left, specially the I960 and 1970's militant groups. The Peronism was a social movement which had huge influence over the masses, since the 40's . This condition was linked to Perón image because of people's sympathy with him. The main aspect of this analysis is the relation of the left groups and left parties with the Peronism. The historical relation maintained by the left with the masses was, until then, perceived as a divorce and not as an adhesion., so, the left had to restructure its conception of Perón and of the Peronism in order to reach them. During those years, the peronism was outlawed from the country political life but, Perón favoured the motion between the banished Peronism and the left. Those were years of clandestineness, of changes on thought conceptions and on left groups practices. We mention about the formation of the militant groups imaginary, the position that Perón and Peronism took place in this situation and about the relation with masses conducted by the groups, inspired by Perón words pronounced by the time he was exiled. To make clear this complicated relation - Peronism, left groups and masses - we make use of an historical narrative of fundamental facts. We put in evidence Montoneros group (Peronist and from the left) and Partido Revolucionário del Pueblo group (non Peronist and Marxist). We make use of texts (groups internal documents, newspapers, letters and others) from that period to build and to analyse the Argentinean left conception
Subject: Ideologia
Movimentos sociais
Argentina - Política e governo - 1960-1970
Language: Português
Editor: [s.n.]
Date Issue: 2001
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