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Type: TESE
Title: Experimentos de RPE em diferentes concentrações de oxigênio do supercondutor y Ba2 Cu3 07-X e dos compostos Ba Cu 02+X e Y2 Ba Cu 05
Author: Mesquita, Roberto Navarro de
Advisor: Barberis, Gaston Eduardo, 1941-
Abstract: Resumo: Não informado

Abstract: Room-temperature X- and Q- band ESR spectra of the high-Tc superconductor Yba2Cu3O7-x and the semiconductors Y2baCuO5 and BaCuO2+x are studied experimentally and theoretically by measuring, calculating, and fitting the powder spectra corresponding to an anisotropic Zeeman Hamiltonian for CU2+ in orthorhombic and tetragonal local symmetries ESR and x-ray studies in their corresponding oxygen-deficient stoichiometries, obtained by heat treatment under vacuum, were also done. Our results support those of Bowdeen et al. and Vier et al. in Rba2Cu3O7-x (R = Y, Eu), indicating that the Cu(1) and Cu(2) atoms in the pure Yba2Cu3O7-x phase are not ESR active and the small resonance observed in these compounds comes from other residual phases. The purest Yba2Cu3O7-x samples that we were able to prepare still have 0.1-0.5% mass fraction of other residual copper compounds which are responsible for the observed resonance
Subject: Supercondutividade
Language: Português
Editor: [s.n.]
Date Issue: 1991
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