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Degree Level: Mestrado
Title: Determinação do nível de Fermi relativo em ligas metálicas (Au-Pd) com a implantação de átomos de Ar
Title Alternative: Determination of relative Fermi energy in metallic alloys (Au-Pd) with the implantation of atoms Ar
Author: Moreira, William de Oliveira
Advisor: Landers, Richard, 1946-
Abstract: Abstract: The Fermi Energy of a metal or a metal alloy is an important parameter for defining the energy levels associated with the material. Usually all other energy levels are defined relative to it. Notwithstanding the experimental determination of the absolute Fermi Energy (EF ) of a system is almost impossible. On the other hand to measure important phenomena such as charge transfer between the elements of a metal alloy, knowledge of changes of the EF are necessary. In this study we explore the use of chemical shifts derived from X-ray excited photoelectrons and Auger electrons to map changes in the relative EF as a function of concentration for the solid solution AuxPd1-x. First observing the Auger shifts of the Au, analogously to Nascente et al. [4] and then looking at the shifts of the Ar2p line of Ar atoms implanted with low energy into the alloys. Due to the inert nature of Ar atoms it is predicted that these shifts should be related to the changes in the FE of the alloy determined by shifts of the Au XAES lines. It is shown that both methods produce equivalent results, validating the prediction, and possibly indicating that the use of shifts from Ar implanted into a more general class of alloys could be a useful tool for detecting changes in EF in alloys
Subject: Nível de Fermi relativo
Ligas metálicas
Gases nobres
Espectroscopia fotoeletrônica de raio X
Language: Português
Editor: [s.n.]
Citation: MOREIRA, William de Oliveira. Determinação do nível de Fermi relativo em ligas metálicas (Au-Pd) com a implantação de átomos de Ar. 2010. 83 f. Dissertação (mestrado) - Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Instituto de Fisica Gleb Wataghin, Campinas, SP. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 10 jun. 2019.
Date Issue: 2010
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