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Type: TESE
Title: Projeto e otimização de redes de trocadores de calor
Author: Ravagnani, Mauro Antonio da Silva Sa
Advisor: Andrade, Alberto Luiz de, 1947-
Abstract: Resumo: Neste trabalho foi desenvolvido um programa computacional para síntese de redes de trocadores de calor incorporando o dimensionamento termohidráulico dos equipamentos. O programa desenvolvido utiliza os conceitos da chamada Tecnologia Pinch ("Pinch Technology"). Para a síntese da rede são definidos inicialmenteos seus objetivos com relação ao custo global mínimo, L

Abstract: In this work a computational program was developed interfacing heat exchanger network synthesis and detailed heat exchanger design. The program uses the concepts of Pinch Technology. To the network synthesis are defined initially the targets with respect to the global minimumcost, optimum ATmin, minimum exchange area, minimum number of units and the hot and cold utilities demand. The network is synthesized using the Pinch Design Method. After these, the network is evolved, identifying and breaking loops without changes in the utilities demand. After the evolution, the exchangers are designed considering pressure drop and fouling, using the Bell-Delaware method. The program was developed in modular form, and the utilization of each module is explained using literature problems. An industrial problem is used to show the applicability of the program developed. The results shown the consistency in the methodology reflecting the importance of the termohidraulic design in the heat exchanger network synthesis
Subject: Integração energetica
Trocadores de calor
Language: Português
Editor: [s.n.]
Date Issue: 1994
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