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Degree Level: Mestrado
Title: Conselho de escola : construindo a participação no pais da exclusão
Author: Guerra, Manoel Alves
Advisor: Demange, Nilson Joseph, 1933-
Abstract: Abstract: The present work has as object of study the School Board as instituted at the ublics schools of São Paulo State since 1985. It defends that the change in the nature of this board, from consultive to deliberative, represented a rupture in the way of administer the public school, opening at legal level the possibility of to democratize the power exercised inside the scholars units.The research accomplished in the schools jurisdictioned to the First lnstruction Headquarters of Campinas shows that the perfonnance of the above-mentioned board is yet beneath of the perspectives and expectations presents at the context into what give up the modification of his nature as above explicited. The work does a reflection about the foundations that supports the perfonnance of the deliberative school board. Afteward the work outlines the factors that difficults the action of this board and suggests measures to tum more agile its perfonnance. At the conclusion the role that the teachers have are stressed in order to amplify this space os inclusion and participation, fundamental at a country, as Brazil, tradicionaly marked by the exclusion
Subject: Escolas - Organização e administração
Language: Português
Editor: [s.n.]
Date Issue: 1998
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