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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Muscle Characterization Of Reactive Oxygen Species In Oral Diseases
Author: Lara Pereira
Yamba Carla; do Nascimento
Glauce Crivelaro; Iyomasa
Daniela Mizusaki; Iyomasa
Mamie Mizusaki
Abstract: Importance and objective. Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) are oxygen-derived molecules that are unstable and highly reactive. They are important signaling mediators of biological processes. In contrast, excessive ROS generation, defective oxidant scavenging or both have been implicated in the pathogenesis of several conditions. This biological paradox of ROS function contributes to the integrity of cells and tissues. So, the aim of this review was examined for published literature related to 'reactive oxygen species and dentistry and muscle'. Materials and methods. A PubMed search was performed by using the following key words: 'reactive oxygen species and dentistry and muscle'. Results. Involvement of ROS in pathologic conditions can be highlighted in oral diseases like periodontitis, orofacial pain, temporomandibular disorders and oral cancer. Also, several studies have correlated the increase in ROS production with the initiation of the muscle fatigue process and the process of muscle injury. However, studies evaluating the relation of ROS and orofacial muscles, which can prove very important to understand the fatigue muscle in this region during oral movements, have not yet been conducted. Conclusions. It is concluded that the data on skeletal muscles, especially those of mastication, are not commonly published in this data source; therefore, further studies in this field are strongly recommended.
Subject: Oxidative Stress
Neuropathic Pain
Nadph Oxidase
Articular Chondrocytes
Antioxidant Enzymes
Country: LONDON
Citation: Muscle Characterization Of Reactive Oxygen Species In Oral Diseases. Informa Healthcare, v. 73, p. 81-86 FEB-2015.
Rights: embargo
Identifier DOI: 10.3109/00016357.2014.954267
Date Issue: 2015
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