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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Hla Haplotypes And Genotypes Frequencies In Brazilian Chronic Periodontitis Patients
Author: Sippert
Emilia Angela; de Oliveira e Silva
Cleverson; Ayo
Christiane Maria; Dutra Marques
Silvia Barbosa; Laguila Visentainer
Jeane Eliete; Sell
Ana Maria
Abstract: Human leukocyte antigens (HLA) have a pivotal role in immune response and may be involved in antigen recognition of periodontal pathogens. However, the associations of HLA with chronic periodontitis (CP) have not been previously studied in the Brazilian population. In an attempt to clarify the issue of genetic predisposition to CP, we examined the distribution of HLA alleles, genotypes, and haplotypes in patients from Southern Brazil. One hundred and eight CP patients and 151 healthy and unrelated controls with age-, gender-, and ethnicity-matched were HLA investigated by polymerase chain reaction with sequence specific oligonucleotides. To exclude smoking as a predisposing factor, statistical analyses were performed in the total sample and in nonsmoking individuals. The significant results showed a positive association of the A*02/HLA-B*40 haplotype with CP (total samples: 4.2% versus 0%, P-c = 0.03; nonsmokers: 4.3% versus 0%, P-c = 0.23) and a lower frequency of HLA-B*15/HLA-DRB1*11 haplotype in CP compared to controls (total samples: 0.0% versus 4.3%, P-c = 0.04; nonsmokers: 0 versus 5.1%, P-c = 1.0). In conclusion, the HLA-A*02/B*40 haplotype may contribute to the development of CP, while HLA-B*15/DRB1*11 haplotype might indicate resistance to disease among Brazilians.
Subject: Rapidly Progressive Periodontitis
Early-onset Periodontitis
Adult Periodontitis
Gene Polymorphisms
Aggressive Periodontitis
German Patients
Country: NEW YORK
Rights: aberto
Identifier DOI: 10.1155/2015/481656
Date Issue: 2015
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