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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Correlation Between Mitochondrial Reactive Oxygen And Severity Of Atherosclerosis
Author: Dorighello
Gabriel G.; Paim
Bruno A.; Kiihl
Samara F.; Ferreira
Monica S.; Catharino
Rodrigo R.; Vercesi
Anibal E.; Oliveira
Helena C. F.
Abstract: Atherosclerosis has been associated with mitochondria dysfunction and damage. Our group demonstrated previously that hypercholesterolemic mice present increased mitochondrial reactive oxygen (mtROS) generation in several tissues and low NADPH/NADP+ ratio. Here, we investigated whether spontaneous atherosclerosis in these mice could be modulated by treatments that replenish or spare mitochondrial NADPH, named citrate supplementation, cholesterol synthesis inhibition, or both treatments simultaneously. Robust statistical analyses in pooled group data were performed in order to explain the variation of atherosclerosis lesion areas as related to the classic atherosclerosis risk factors such as plasma lipids, obesity, and oxidative stress, including liver mtROS. Using three distinct statistical tools (univariate correlation, adjusted correlation, and multiple regression) with increasing levels of stringency, we identified a novel significant association and a model that reliably predicts the extent of atherosclerosis due to variations in mtROS. Thus, results show that atherosclerosis lesion area is positively and independently correlated with liver mtROS production rates. Based on these findings, we propose that modulation of mitochondrial redox state influences the atherosclerosis extent.
Subject: Low-density-lipoprotein
Oxidative Stress
Permeability Transition
Transgenic Mice
Country: NEW YORK
Rights: aberto
Identifier DOI: 10.1155/2016/7843685
Date Issue: 2016
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