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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Effect Of Different Storage Conditions On The Physical Properties Of Bleached Enamel: An In Vitro Vs. In Situ Study
Author: Zeczkowski
Marilia; Andalo Tenuta
Livia Maria; Bovi Ambrosano
Glaucia Maria; Baggio Aguiar
Flavio Henrique; Nunes Leite Lima
Debora Alves
Abstract: Objectives: Evaluate the effect of different storage conditions on bleached enamel using Knoop microhardness (KHN) and colour variation. Methods: Forty-eight tooth blocks were divided into four groups (n = 12), based on storage media (SM): purified water (PW), artificial saliva (AS), natural saliva (NS), in situ (IS). Three whitening sessions were carried out using 35% hydrogen peroxide, with a week interval. Colour and KHN measurements were taken before the samples were placed in the SM (t(1)), after 24 h in the SM (t(2)), and after 24 h at the end of the bleaching treatment (t(3)). Two extra samples from each group were analysed using a scanning electron microscope (SEM). KHN results were analysed by PROC-MIXED and Tukey-Kramer test (alpha = 0.05), and colour changes were evaluated using Delta L, Delta a, Delta b, Delta E between the different times Delta 1(t(1) - t(2)), Delta(2)(t(2) - t(3)) using the Kruskal-Wallis test and Dunn's test (alpha = 0.05). Results: Significant statistical difference was noted in KHN at t(3), with the lowest values found for PW. As for colour analysis in Delta E2 and Delta b2, IS showed values that were statistically lower when compared to AS. Likewise, there were differences between PW and AS in relation to IS when evaluating Delta L2. In addition, NS showed similar values to IS. Conclusions: The storage conditions had different effects on the physical properties of bleached enamel. NS was the only SM that showed similar behaviour to IS. Clinical Significance: NS proved an effective SM in the protection and recovery of damage caused by bleaching and is a viable SM for in vitro studies. (C) 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
Subject: Carbamide Peroxide
Remineralizing Agents
Dental Erosion
Tooth Enamel
Different Ph
Human Saliva
Country: OXFORD
Citation: Effect Of Different Storage Conditions On The Physical Properties Of Bleached Enamel: An In Vitro Vs. In Situ Study. Elsevier Sci Ltd, v. 43, p. 1154-1161 SEP-2015.
Rights: embargo
Identifier DOI: 10.1016/j.jdent.2015.06.004
Date Issue: 2015
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