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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Higher-order Generalized Hydrodynamics: Foundations Within A Nonequilibrium Statistical Ensemble Formalism
Author: Silva
Carlos A. B.; Rodrigues
Cloves G.; Galvao Ramos
J.; Luzzi
Abstract: Construction, in the framework of a nonequilibrium statistical ensemble formalism, of a higher-order generalized hydrodynamics, also referred to as mesoscopic hydrothermodynamics, that is, covering phenomena involving motion of fluids displaying variations short in space and fast in time-unrestricted values of Knudsen numbers, is presented. In that way, an approach is provided enabling the coupling and simultaneous treatment of the kinetics and hydrodynamic levels of descriptions. It is based on a complete thermostatistical approach in terms of the densities of matter and energy and their fluxes of all orders covering systems arbitrarily driven away from equilibrium. The set of coupled nonlinear integrodifferential hydrodynamic equations is derived. They are the evolution equations of the Gradlike moments of all orders, derived from a generalized kinetic equation built in the framework of the nonequilibrium statistical ensemble formalism. For illustration, the case of a system of particles embedded in a fluid acting as a thermal bath is fully described. The resulting enormous set of coupled evolution equations is of unmanageable proportions, thus requiring in practice to introduce an appropriate description using the smallest possible number of variables. We have obtained a hierarchy of Maxwell times, associated to the set of all the higher-order fluxes, which have a particular relevance in the process of providing criteria for establishing the contraction of description.
Subject: Gaussian Core Model
Many-body Systems
Irreversible Thermodynamics
Polar Semiconductors
Nonlinear Transport
Anomalous Diffusion
Levy Flight
Rights: aberto
Identifier DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.91.063011
Date Issue: 2015
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