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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Adhesive And Reinforcing Properties Of Soluble Cellulose: A Repulpable Adhesive For Wet And Dry Cellulosic Substrates.
Author: Ferreira, Elisa S
Lanzoni, Evandro M
Costa, Carlos A R
Deneke, Christoph
Bernardes, Juliana S
Galembeck, Fernando
Abstract: This work reports, for the first time, the excellent performance of an aqueous alkaline solution of cellulose as an adhesive for wet and dry cellulosic substrates. Uniaxial tensile tests of filter paper and sulfite writing paper strips bonded with this adhesive (5% cellulose and 7% NaOH aqueous solution) show that failure never occurs in the joints but always in the pristine substrate areas, except in butt joint samples prepared with sulfite paper. Tensile test also shows that paper impregnated with cellulose solution is stronger than the original substrate. X-ray microtomography and scanning electron microscopy reveal that dissolved cellulose fills the gaps between paper fibers, providing a morphological evidence for the mechanical interlocking adhesion mechanism, while scanning probe techniques provide a sharp view of different domains in the joints. Additionally, bonded paper is easily reconverted to pulp, which facilitates paper reprocessability, solving a well-known industrial problem related to deposition of adhesive aggregates (stickies) on the production equipment.
Subject: Adhesive
Alkaline Dissolution
Wet Substrates
Rights: embargo
Identifier DOI: 10.1021/acsami.5b05310
Date Issue: 2015
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