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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Pharmacological Characterization Of The Relaxation Induced By The Soluble Guanylate Cyclase Activator, Bay 60-2770 In Rabbit Corpus Cavernosum.
Author: Estancial, Camila Stefani
Rodrigues, Renata Lopes
De Nucci, Gilberto
Antunes, Edson
Mónica, Fabiola Zakia
Abstract: To characterize the relaxation induced by the soluble guanylate cyclase (sGC) activator, BAY 60-2770 in rabbit corpus cavernosum. Penis from male New Zealand rabbits were removed and fours strips of corpus cavernosum (CC) were obtained. Concentration-response curves to BAY 60-2770 were carried out in the absence and presence of inhibitors of nitric oxide synthase, L-NAME (100 μM), sGC, ODQ (10 μM) and phosphodiestarase type 5, tadalafil (0.1 μM). The potency (pEC50) and maximal response (Emax) values were determined. Second, electrical-field stimulation (EFS)-induced contraction or relaxation was realized in the absence and presence of BAY 60-2770 (0.1 or 1 μM) alone or in combination of ODQ (10 μM). In the case of EFS-induced relaxation two protocols were realized: 1) ODQ (10 μM) was first incubated for 20 min and then BAY 60-2770 (1 μM) was added for another 20 min (ODQ + BAY 60-2770). In different CC strips, BAY 60-2770 was incubated for 20 min followed by another 20 min with ODQ (BAY 60-2770 + ODQ). The intracellular levels of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) were also determined. BAY 60-2770 potently relaxed rabbit CC with pEC50 and Emax values of 7.58 ± 0.19 and 81 ± 4%, respectively. The inhibitors ODQ (n=7) or tadalafil (n=7) produced 4.2- and 6.3-leftward shifts, respectively in BAY 60-2770-induced relaxation without interfering on the Emax values. The intracellular levels of cGMP were augmented after stimulation with BAY 60-2770 (1 μM) alone, whereas its co-incubation with ODQ produced even higher levels of cGMP. The EFS-induced contraction was reduced in the presence of BAY 60-2770 (1 μM) and this inhibition was even greater when BAY 60-2770 was co-incubated with ODQ. The nitrergic stimulation induced CC relaxation, which was abolished in the presence of ODQ. BAY 60-2770 alone increased the amplitude of relaxation. Co-incubation of ODQ and BAY 60-2770 did not alter the relaxation in comparison with ODQ alone. Interestingly, when BAY 60-2770 was incubated prior to ODQ, EFS-induced relaxation was partly restored in comparison with ODQ alone or ODQ + BAY 60-2770. Considering that the relaxation induced by the sGC activator, BAY 60-2770 was increased after sGC oxidation and unaltered in the absence of nitric oxide, these class of substances are advantageous over sGC stimulators or PDE5 inhibitors for the treatment in those patients with erectile dysfunction and high endothelial damage. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.
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Identifier DOI: 10.1111/bju.13105
Date Issue: 2015
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