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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: WUSCHEL-related genes are expressed during somatic embryogenesis of the basal angiosperm Ocotea catharinensis Mez. (Lauraceae)
Author: Santa-Catarina, Claudete
de Oliveira, Raphael Ricon
Cutri, Lucas
Floh, Eny I. S.
Dornelas, Marcelo Carnier
Abstract: Ocotea catharinensis is a basal angiosperm and an endangered tree species from the Brazilian Atlantic Rain Forest. Despite its economical and ecological importance, mass-propagation of this species is hampered by seldom-produced short-lived seeds, and in vitro propagation is challenged by frequently malformed somatic embryos. Therefore, O. catharinensis somatic embryos are also a good experimental material to study the physiological and molecular mechanisms underlying in vitro morphogenesis. In an ongoing effort to characterize genes expressed during somatic embryogenesis of O. catharinensis we have cloned two Ocotea WUSCHEL-related genes. According to our RT-PCR data, both genes were preferentially expressed in embryogenic cell aggregates. One of them, OcWUS, is a possible ortholog of the Arabidopsis WUSCHEL (WUS) gene, which codes for a homeodomain-containing protein involved in the specification and maintenance of the shoot apical meristem. We analyzed the expression patterns of OcWUS and OcWOX4 by RT-PCR, and OcWUS expression was also assessed by in situ hybridization. The expression patterns of OcWUS were very similar to those described for the Arabidopsis WUS. OcWUS transcripts were generally restricted to a small group of cells in the center of the putative shoot apical meristem of O. catharinensis somatic embryos. Perturbed expression of OcWUS might be related to abnormally formed somatic embryos of O. catharinensis obtained through tissue culture.
Subject: Gene expression
Embryo development
Meristem development
Endangered tree species
Editor: Springer
Citation: Trees-Structure and Function. Springer, v.26, n.2, p.493-501, 2012
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1007/s00468-011-0610-6
Date Issue: 2012
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