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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Involvement Of Microrna-related Regulatory Pathways In The Glucose-mediated Control Of Arabidopsis Early Seedling Development.
Author: Duarte, Gustavo Turqueto
Matiolli, Cleverson Carlos
Pant, Bikram Datt
Schlereth, Armin
Scheible, Wolf-Rüdiger
Stitt, Mark
Vicentini, Renato
Vincentz, Michel
Abstract: In plants, sugars such as glucose act as signalling molecules that promote changes in gene expression programmes that impact on growth and development. Recent evidence has revealed the potential importance of controlling mRNA decay in some aspects of glucose-mediated regulatory responses suggesting a role of microRNAs (miRNAs) in these responses. In order to get a better understanding of glucose-mediated development modulation involving miRNA-related regulatory pathways, early seedling development of mutants impaired in miRNA biogenesis (hyl1-2 and dcl1-11) and miRNA activity (ago1-25) was evaluated. All mutants exhibited a glucose hyposensitive phenotype from germination up to seedling establishment, indicating that miRNA regulatory pathways are involved in the glucose-mediated delay of early seedling development. The expression profile of 200 miRNA primary transcripts (pri-miRs) was evaluated by large-scale quantitative real-time PCR profiling, which revealed that 38 pri-miRs were regulated by glucose. For several of them, the corresponding mature miRNAs are known to participate directly or indirectly in plant development, and their accumulation was shown to be co-regulated with the pri-miR by glucose. Furthermore, the expression of several miRNA target genes was found to be deregulated in response to glucose in the miRNA machinery mutants ago1-25, dcl1-11, and hyl1-2. Also, in these mutants, glucose promoted misexpression of genes for the three abscisic acid signalling elements ABI3, ABI4, and ABI5. Thus, miRNA regulatory pathways play a role in the adjustments of growth and development triggered by glucose signalling.
Subject: Arabidopsis
Gene Expression Regulation, Plant
Gene Regulatory Networks
Rna, Messenger
Abscisic Acid
Plant Development
Post-transcriptional Control
Seed Germination.
Citation: Journal Of Experimental Botany. v. 64, n. 14, p. 4301-12, 2013-Nov.
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1093/jxb/ert239
Date Issue: 2013
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