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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Electrospun Membranes Of Poly(lactic Acid) (pla) Used As Scaffold In Drug Delivery Of Extract Of Sedum Dendroideum.
Author: Santos, Larissa G
Oliveira, Daniel C
Santos, Michele S L
Neves, Lia Mara G
de Gaspi, Fernanda O G
Mendonça, Fernanda A S
Esquisatto, Marcelo A M
Santos, Gláucia M T
d'Avila, M A
Mei, Lucia H Innocentini
Abstract: Biomaterials nanofibrous electrospun with biodegradable polymers have the advantage of the similarity to natural extracellular matrices, showing promising as scaffolds for application in tissue engineering. Sedum dendroideum is a phytotherapic drug that stands out for its healing properties and anti-inflammatory. This study presents the efficacy of PLA electrospun membranes used as support S. dendroideum extract releasing on excisional skin lesions of Wistar rats. The PLA porous membranes, which are nonwoven fibrous mats, were obtained by electrospinning using a conventional apparatus with a flat collector. The animals were randomly divided into nine groups: control (C), animals treated with electrospun membranes of PLA (M), animals treated with extract of S. dendroideum dissolved in saline (F), animals treated with membranes of PLA with 10% S. dendroideum (MF10), animals treated with membranes of PLA with 25% S. dendroideum (MF25). Tissue samples were taken after 2, 6 and 10 days after surgery and were subjected to structural analysis and morphology. The experimental observations showed the application of the phytotherapic incorporated in the membrane promoted a significant response regarding the number of inflammatory cells, percentage of mature collagen fibers and epithelium birrefringent in thickness excisional skin lesions in Wistar rats. It was also demonstrated that the application of the PLA membranes without the extract promoted similar responses tissues.
Subject: Animals
Equipment Design
Equipment Failure Analysis
Lactic Acid
Materials Testing
Plant Extracts
Rats, Wistar
Tissue Scaffolds
Wound Healing
Wounds, Penetrating
Citation: Journal Of Nanoscience And Nanotechnology. v. 13, n. 7, p. 4694-702, 2013-Jul.
Rights: fechado
Date Issue: 2013
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