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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Evaluation Of The Lacrimal Recess Of The Maxillary Sinus: An Anatomical Study.
Author: Navarro, Paulo de Lima
Machado Júnior, Almiro José
Crespo, Agrício Nubiato
Abstract: The anatomical relation between the maxillary sinus and the nasolacrimal duct has gained greater importance with the advent of microsurgeries and endoscopic-assisted sinonasal procedures, and the growing use of endonasal surgery to perform middle meatus procedures and transnasal dacryocystorhinostomy. We did not find reports on maxillary sinus classification concerning its lacrimal recess, nor how often it is found. To assess how frequent the lacrimal recess can be found in the maxillary sinuses of dissected anatomical specimens. We assessed 31 half-heads from cadavers. We dissected the area corresponding to the middle third of the face, by lateral access so as to be able to observe the most lateral portion of the nasolacrimal duct vis-à-vis the maxillary sinus.The maxillary sinuses were assessed by two examiners simultaneously, getting to a consensus in relation to the type of nasolacrimal duct. We assessed 18 maxillary sinuses of the lateral type (58.1%) and 13 anterior sinuses (41.9%). The difference in frequency of the anterior type of maxillary type of the right side (35.7%) and left (47.1%) did not have statistical significance (p = 0.524). We found a frequency of 41.9% of lacrimal recesses in the maxillary sinuses.
Subject: Cadaver
Lacrimal Apparatus
Maxillary Sinus
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