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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Microwave Irradiation As An Alternative Method For Disinfection Of Denture Base Acrylic Resins.
Author: Silva, M
Consani, R
Sardi, J
Mesquita, M
Macêdo, A
Takahashi, J
Abstract: This study evaluated the effect of microwave irradiation as an alternative method for disinfection of different types of denture base acrylic resins. Twenty-four samples for each conventional, microwaved and characterized heat-cured acrylic resin were made and subjected to sterilization with ethylene oxide for the groups: 1) irradiated samples; 2) non-irradiated samples; and 3) samples without yeast. Each group was subdivided according to inoculation with C. albicans, C. dubliniensis and C. tropicalis. The samples were inoculated with 100 µL of inoculum of each species of Candida and later placed in an incubator at 37 °C for 1 hr to perform the first adhesion. After this time, each well was supplemented with sterile media and the plate was once again taken to a stove for incubation at 37 °C for 6 hr. The samples were immersed in 100 mL of sterile water and irradiated with microwave at 650 W for 3 min. Control samples were considered as the non-irradiated group. After incubation for 48 hr, irradiated and non-irradiated samples were subjected to a digital colony counter. Control group (non-irradiated) showed microbial growth for resins and the means of ufc/mL were without statistically significant differences. Microwave irradiated samples (experimental group) promoted no viable colonies for all Candida species and types of acrylic resins. The means of ufc/mL were without statistically significant differences. Microwave irradiation was an effective method for disinfection of the acrylic resins inoculated with C. albicans, C. dubliniensis and C. tropicalis.
Subject: Acrylic Resins
Candida Albicans
Candida Tropicalis
Dental Prosthesis
Equipment Contamination
Ethylene Oxide
Hot Temperature
Opportunistic Infections
Prosthesis-related Infections
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Date Issue: -1-Uns- -1
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