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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Characterization Of A Mixed-mode Reversed-phase/cation-exchange Stationary Phase Prepared By Thermal Immobilization Of Poly(dimethylsiloxane) Onto The Surface Of Silica.
Author: Borges, Endler M
Euerby, Melvin R
Collins, Carol H
Abstract: A novel stationary phase prepared by the thermal immobilization of poly(dimethylsiloxane) onto the surface of silica (PDMS-SiO(2)) has been described, evaluated and compared with 229 commercially available RP-LC stationary phases using the Tanaka column classification protocol. The phase exhibited many unique chromatographic properties and, based on the phases in the database, was most similar to the fluoroalkylated phases (aside from the obvious lack of fluoro selectivity imposed by the C-F dipole). The phase exhibited classic reversed-phase behaviour in acid mobile phase conditions and mixed-mode reversed-phase/cation-exchange retention behaviour in neutral mobile phase conditions. The phase exhibited acceptable stability at both low and intermediate pH, conditions which should impart optimum chromatographic selectivity to the phase. Retention of basic analytes was shown to occur by a three site model as proposed by Neue. This new PDMS-SiO(2) stationary phase is extremely interesting in that the dominancy of its hydrophobic and ion-exchange interactions can be controlled by the influence of mobile phase pH, buffer type and concentration. The PDMS-SiO(2) stationary phase may provide a complementary tool to reversed-phase and HILIC stationary phases. The present results highlight the fact that the type of buffer, its concentration and pH can not only affect peak shape but also retention, selectivity and hence chromatographic resolution. Therefore, in method development and optimization strategies it is suggested that more emphasis should be given to the evaluation of these mobile phase operating parameters especially when basic solutes are involved.
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Identifier DOI: 10.1007/s00216-011-5674-z
Date Issue: 2012
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