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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Biological Activities Of A Mixture Of Biosurfactant From Bacillus Subtilis And Alkaline Lipase From Fusarium Oxysporum.
Author: Pereira de Quadros, Cedenir
Cristina Teixeira Duarte, Marta
Maria Pastore, Gláucia
Abstract: In this study, we investigate the antimicrobial effects of a mixture of a biosurfactant from Bacillus subtilis and an alkaline lipase from Fusarium oxysporum (AL/BS mix) on several types of microorganisms, as well as their abilities to remove Listeria innocua ATCC 33093 biofilm from stainless steel coupons. The AL/BS mix had a surface tension of around 30 mN.m(-1), indicating that the presence of alkaline lipase did not interfere in the surface activity properties of the tensoactive component. The antimicrobial activity of the AL/BS mix was determined by minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) micro-assays. Among all the tested organisms, the presence of the mixture only affected the growth of B. subtilis CCT 2576, B. cereus ATCC 10876 and L. innocua. The most sensitive microorganism was B. cereus (MIC 0.013 mg.mL(-1)). In addition, the effect of the sanitizer against L. innocua attached to stainless steel coupons was determined by plate count after vortexing. The results showed that the presence of the AL/BS mix improved the removal of adhered cells relative to treatment done without the sanitizer, reducing the count of viable cells by 1.72 log However, there was no significant difference between the sanitizers tested and an SDS detergent standard (p<0.05).
Subject: Listeria Innocua
Antimicrobial Activity
Microbial Biofilm
Minimum Inhibitory Concentration
Stainless Steel Surface
Rights: aberto
Identifier DOI: 10.1590/S1517-83822011000100045
Date Issue: 2011
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