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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Nectar Production Dynamics And Sugar Composition In Two Mucuna Species (leguminosae, Faboideae) With Different Specialized Pollinators.
Author: Agostini, Kayna
Sazima, Marlies
Galetto, Leonardo
Abstract: Nectar is secreted in particular rhythms throughout the lifespan of a flower, which allows determining the nectar production dynamics. This paper compares nectar features in Mucuna japira and Mucuna urens describing: dynamics of nectar production, floral response to nectar removal, resorption, nectar sugar composition, and variation in nectar sugar composition. M. japira inflorescence bears 12-21 yellow flowers, which are in anthesis for 7 days, whereas M. urens inflorescence bears 36-54 greenish flowers, but only 1-3 flowers are in anthesis simultaneously that last one night. Nectar volume and sugar concentration were measured, and the amount of sugar was estimated. Qualitative and quantitative nectar sugar composition was determined. Both species had a constant nectar sugar concentration (ca. 10% for M. japira and ca. 16% for M. urens) and secreted high volumes of nectar (ca. 340 μl per flower for M. japira and 310 μl per flower for M. urens), during 5 days for M. japira and 6 h for M. urens, but after the first removal, i.e., when flower opening mechanism is triggered, nectar production stops immediately. Nectar resorption occurred in both species. Nectar sugar composition showed some similarities between the species. Variation in nectar sugar composition occurred in both species. The Mucuna species are dependent on their pollinators to produce fruits and seeds, and they have different strategies to promote the necessary interaction with birds or bats, especially related to nectar and flower characteristics.
Subject: Carbohydrates
Plant Nectar
Principal Component Analysis
Species Specificity
Citation: Die Naturwissenschaften. v. 98, n. 11, p. 933-42, 2011-Nov.
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1007/s00114-011-0844-6
Date Issue: 2011
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