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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Neurotoxicity Of Micrurus Altirostris (uruguayan Coral Snake) Venom And Its Neutralization By Commercial Coral Snake Antivenom And Specific Antiserum Raised In Rabbits.
Author: de Abreu, Valdemir Aparecido
Leite, Gildo Bernardo
Oliveira, Caroline Borja
Hyslop, Stephen
Furtado, Maria de Fatima Domingos
Simioni, Lea Rodrigues
Abstract: In this work, we studied the neuromuscular blockade caused by Micrurus altirostris venom (0.1-10 microg/mL) in indirect stimulated chick biventer cervicis and mouse phrenic nerve-diaphragm preparations and the ability of commercial antivenom (Instituto Butantan) and antiserum raised in rabbits to neutralize neurotoxicity and lethality in chicks and mice (LD(50) 0.042 and 0.255 mg/kg), injected i.m. and i.p., respectively, with venom (5 LD(50)):antivenom or antiserum mixtures (n = 6) of 1:1-1:2.5-1:5-1:10-1:20. The venom caused a complete and irreversible neuromuscular blockade in both preparations, inhibited the acetylcholine and carbachol contractures, without interfering on KCl response. The neuromuscular blockade was not Ca(2+) or temperature-dependent and did not affect the response to direct stimulation. Only a venom:antivenom or antiserum ratio of 1:20 neutralized the neuromuscular blockade in vitro and protected chicks and mice against 5 LD(50) of venom. Our results indicated that Micrurus altirostris venom interferes with postsynaptic neurotransmission and that commercial antivenom and rabbit antiserum have low efficacy in neutralizing the neurotoxicity and lethality of this venom.
Subject: Acetylcholine
Elapid Venoms
Immune Sera
Injections, Intramuscular
Injections, Intraperitoneal
Lethal Dose 50
Muscle Contraction
Muscle, Skeletal
Phrenic Nerve
Synaptic Transmission
Citation: Clinical Toxicology (philadelphia, Pa.). v. 46, n. 6, p. 519-27, 2008-Jul.
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1080/15563650701647405
Date Issue: 2008
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