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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Frequency Of Hla-b27 And Its Alleles In Patients With Reiter Syndrome: Comparison With The Frequency In Other Spondyloarthropathies And A Healthy Control Population.
Author: Sampaio-Barros, Percival D
Conde, Roseneide A
Donadi, Eduardo A
Bonfiglioli, Rubens
Costallat, Lilian T L
Samara, Adil M
Bértolo, Manoel B
Abstract: This retrospective study analyzed the HLA-B 27 alleles in a group of 20 consecutive patients with the diagnosis of Reiter syndrome (RS) followed in a tertiary referral university hospital in Brazil, during the period 1990-2006, and compared the data with that observed in other patients with spondyloarthropathies followed at the same institution. Eight cases were associated to gastrointestinal infection, eight cases to previous urethritis, and four cases presented no established preceding infection. HLA-B 27 alleles were typed by polymerase chain reaction-amplified DNA hybridized with sequence-specific oligonucleotide probes (HLA-B 2,701 to HLA-B 2,721). They were compared to a group of 108 patients with ankylosing spondylitis (AS), 40 with undifferentiated spondyloarthropathy (uSpA) and 111 healthy controls. Among the 20 patients, 17 were HLA-B 27 positive (85%). Two HLA-B 27 alleles were observed: HLA-B 2,705 (65%) and HLA-B 2,702 (35%). In the other spondyloarthropathies, the observed alleles were HLA-B 2,705 (90% in AS and 92.5% in uSpA), HLA-B 2,702 (8% in AS and 5% in uSpA), HLA-B 2,704 (1% in AS and 2.5% in uSpA) and HLA-B 2,713 (1% in AS). Among the 111 healthy controls, 80% presented HLA-B 2,705, followed by HLA-B 2,702 in 10%, HLA-B 2,703 in 6%, HLA-B 2,707 in 3% and HLA-B 2,713 in 1%. Concluding, in the HLA-B 27 positive patients with RS in this study there was predominance of HLA-B 2,705 allele, in a lower frequency than that observed in patients with other spondyloarthropathies and healthy controls.
Subject: Adult
Arthritis, Reactive
Case-control Studies
Hla-b Antigens
Hla-b27 Antigen
Retrospective Studies
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1007/s00296-007-0441-3
Date Issue: 2008
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