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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Construction And Evaluation Of A Flow Injection Micro-analyser Based On Urethane-acrylate Resin.
Author: Fonseca, Alexandre
Raimundo, Ivo M
Rohwedder, Jarbas J R
Ferreira, Luiz Otávio S
Abstract: A flow injection micro-analyser with an integrated injection device and photometric detection is described. Channels measuring 205-295 microm depth by 265-290 microm maximum width were manufactured by deep UV lithography on two layers of urethane-acrylate oligomers-based photoresist. Hypodermic syringe needles (450 microm diameter) were connected to the channels for introduction of solutions into the system. Plastic optical fibres were connected to the ends of a 5.0 mm long channel, in order to conduct the light from and to a homemade photometer. The device has a total volume of 7.0 microL and three different sample volumes (0.09, 0.22 and 0.30 microL) can be inserted into the system by choosing the appropriate loop of the hydrodynamic injection approach. The micro-analyser, designed as a single line manifold, was evaluated by determining chloride in waters (mercuric thiocyanate method), and chromium (VI) in wastewater and total chromium in metallic alloys (diphenylcarbazide method). For chloride determination two micro-pumps were employed to impel the solutions, while for chromium determination this task was performed by a conventional peristaltic pump. The results obtained in all determinations did not differ significantly from the reference methods at a confidence level of 95%. In the chloride determination, a flow rate of 50 microL min(-1) was used, providing a sample frequency of 45 injection h(-1), generating ca. 0.7 mg of Hg(II) after an 8-h working day (ca. 20 mL of solution). This result suggests the potential of the micro-analyser towards the reduction of waste, following the philosophy of Green Chemistry.
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1016/j.aca.2007.09.051
Date Issue: 2007
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