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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Mangifera Indica L. Extract (vimang) Inhibits 2-deoxyribose Damage Induced By Fe (iii) Plus Ascorbate.
Author: Pardo-Andreu, Gilberto Lázaro
Delgado, René
Núñez-Sellés, Alberto J
Vercesi, Anibal E
Abstract: Vimang is an aqueous extract of selected species of Mangifera indica L, used in Cuba as a nutritional antioxidant supplement. Many in vitro and in vivo models of oxidative stress have been used to elucidate the antioxidant mechanisms of this extract. To further characterize the mechanism of Vimang action, its effect on the degradation of 2-deoxyribose induced by Fe (III)-EDTA plus ascorbate or plus hypoxanthine/xanthine oxidase was studied. Vimang was shown to be a potent inhibitor of 2-deoxyribose degradation mediated by Fe (III)-EDTA plus ascorbate or superoxide (O2-). The results revealed that Vimang, at concentrations higher than 50 microM mangiferin equivalent, was equally effective in preventing degradation of both 15 mM and 1.5 mM 2-deoxyribose. At a fixed Fe (III) concentration, increasing the concentration of ligands (either EDTA or citrate) caused a significant reduction in the protective effects of Vimang. When ascorbate was replaced by O2- (formed by hypoxanthine and xanthine oxidase) the protective efficiency of Vimang was also inversely related to EDTA concentration. The results strongly indicate that Vimang does not block 2-deoxyribose degradation by simply trapping *OH radicals. Rather, Vimang seems to act as an antioxidant by complexing iron ions, rendering them inactive or poorly active in the Fenton reaction.
Subject: Ascorbic Acid
Edetic Acid
Ferric Compounds
Oxidative Stress
Plant Extracts
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1002/ptr.1813
Date Issue: 2006
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