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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Nucleus Image Properties Assessed By Video Image Analysis In Mouse Hepatocytes Under A Short Lysis For Extended Chromatin Fiber Formation.
Author: Vidal, Benedicto C
Moraes, Alberto S
Mello, Maria Luiza S
Abstract: How much DNA remains in mouse hepatocyte nuclei after extended chromatin fiber (ECF) formation or whether this content varies within the nuclear population is not known. This information could be relevant to understanding chromatin extensibility as related to chromatin organization, possibly associated with variable nuclear activities in hepatocytes. A protocol for ECF formation under the gravity action, image analysis of Feulgen-stained unfixed mouse hepatocyte remnants, and DAPI fluorescence were used. Areas, shape, Feulgen-DNA amounts, and chromatin texture were affected in unfixed, lysed nuclei. The Feulgen-DNA values in nuclear remnants represented 37% of the content in fixed, nonlysed nuclei in terms of median values; the coefficient of variation of Feulgen-DNA values in the nuclear remnants was much higher than those in controls. Enhancement in DAPI fluorescence was evident in chromocenters of the fixed nuclei and in remnants and some ECF granules of the unfixed, lysed nuclei. The DNA content of the nuclear remnants was much more variable than that assumed from known variability in hepatocyte ploidy degrees. The variable constraint to chromatin extrusion from hepatocyte nuclei is hypothesized to depend on variable chromatin organization with possible involvement of nuclear matrix association, transcriptional activities, and AT-rich DNA-containing heterochromatin.
Subject: Animals
Cell Nucleus
Fluorescent Dyes
Image Cytometry
Microscopy, Video
Rosaniline Dyes
Citation: Cytometry. Part A : The Journal Of The International Society For Analytical Cytology. v. 69, n. 11, p. 1106-13, 2006-Nov.
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1002/cyto.a.20339
Date Issue: 2006
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