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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Qtaim Charge-charge Flux-dipole Flux Models For The Infrared Fundamental Intensities Of The Fluorochloromethanes.
Author: da Silva, João Viçozo
Haiduke, Roberto L A
Bruns, Roy E
Abstract: The molecular dipole moments, their derivatives, and the fundamental IR intensities of the fluoro-, chloro-, and fluorochloromethanes are determined from QTAIM atomic charges and dipoles and their fluxes at the MP2/6-311++G(3d,3p) level. Root-mean-square (rms) errors of 0.01 D and 5.6 km mol(-1) are found for the dipole moments and fundamental IR intensities calculated using QTAIM parameters when compared with those obtained directly from the MP2/6-311++(3d,3p) calculations and 0.04 D and 23.1 km mol(-1) when compared with the experimental values. Charge, charge flux, and dipole flux contributions are calculated for all the normal vibrations of these molecules. A large negative correlation coefficient of -0.92 is calculated between the charge flux and dipole flux contributions and indicates that electron transfer from one side of the molecule to the other during vibrations is accompanied by relaxation with electron density polarization in the opposite direction. The CF, CCl, and CH stretching normal modes of these molecules are shown to have characteristic sets of charge, charge flux, and dipole flux contributions. Although the FCF and ClCCl deformation normal modes can also be discriminated from one another based on the sizes and signs of these contributions, some HCH deformations have contributions that are similar to those for some of the ClCCl deformations.
Citation: The Journal Of Physical Chemistry. A. v. 110, n. 14, p. 4839-45, 2006-Apr.
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1021/jp060553h
Date Issue: 2006
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