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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: [cereal Bars With Soy Protein And Wheat Germ, Physicochemical Characteristics And Texture During The Storage].
Author: Castro Freitas, Daniela D G
Abstract: Studies analyzing cereal bars have reported on consumer characteristics and preferences in sensory analyses and on their market growth, however little has been published on their physicochemical data and texture properties. Thus the objective of this research was to provide information about the storage of a cereal bar formulation with high protein and vitamin levels based on soy protein and wheat germ, packaged in 3 different films (A: PET/PEBD; B: PETmet/PEBD; C: PET/PEBD/AL/PEBD), during 6 months under environmental conditions of temperature (25 +/- 2 degrees C) and relative humidity (56%). The moisture content, water activity, pH and total acidity of the cereal bars were determined. The textural measurements accompanied during storage were breaking strength, hardness and cohesiveness. The cereal bars presented variations in water activity (Aw), moisture content and total acidity during storage. The moisture content of the bars tended to increase, which led to a significant (p = 0.05) influence on the texture characteristics of breaking strength and hardness, in the different packaging films tested. The increase in the values for breaking strength (A: 4756,5N; B: 5093,0N; C: 5575,6N) at 45 days of storage was attributed to a possible crystallization of the agglutinating syrup used for the bars. The textured soy protein used in the formulation could also have contributed to this fact due to its hygroscopic character, also interfering in the decrease in the cohesiveness measurements (deformation) with time. The effect of the different barrier properties of the packaging films tested was significant (p < 0.05) in the stability of the cereal bars during storage.
Subject: Cereals
Chemistry, Physical
Food Packaging
Food Preservation
Nutritive Value
Physicochemical Phenomena
Plant Oils
Soybean Proteins
Time Factors
Citation: Archivos Latinoamericanos De Nutrición. v. 55, n. 3, p. 299-304, 2005-Sep.
Rights: aberto
Date Issue: 2005
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