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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Endosperm-preferred Expression Of Maize Genes As Revealed By Transcriptome-wide Analysis Of Expressed Sequence Tags.
Author: Verza, Natalia C
E Silva, Thaís Rezende
Neto, Germano Cord
Nogueira, Fábio T S
Fisch, Paulo H
de Rosa, Vincente E
Rebello, Marcelo M
Vettore, André L
da Silva, Felipe Rodrigues
Arruda, Paulo
Abstract: The transcriptome-wide endosperm-preferred expression of maize genes was addressed by analyzing a large database of expressed sequence tags (ESTs). We generated 30,531 high quality sequence-reads from the 5'-ends of cDNA libraries from maize endosperm harvested at 10, 15, and 20 days after pollination. A further 196,900 maize sequence-reads retrieved from public databases were added to this endosperm collection to generate MAIZEST, a database with tools for data storage and analysis. MAIZEST contains 227,431 ESTs, one third of which represents developing endosperm and the remaining two-thirds represent transcripts from 49 cDNA libraries constructed from different organs and tissues. Assembling the MAIZEST ESTs generated 29,206 putative transcripts, of which a set of 4032 assembled sequences was composed exclusively of sequences derived from endosperm cDNA libraries. After sequence analysis using overlapping parameters, a sub-set of 2403 assembled sequences was functionally annotated and revealed a wide variety of putative new genes involved in endosperm development and metabolism.
Subject: Expressed Sequence Tags
Gene Expression Profiling
Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental
Gene Expression Regulation, Plant
Plant Proteins
Plant Roots
Transcription, Genetic
Zea Mays
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1007/s11103-005-8924-7
Date Issue: 2005
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