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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Structurally Diagnostic Ion-molecule Reactions: Acylium Ions With Alpha-, Beta- And Gamma-hydroxy Ketones.
Author: Moraes, L A B
Eberlin, Marcos N
Abstract: Gas-phase reactions of four acylium ions and a thioacylium ion with three isomeric alpha-, beta- and gamma-hydroxy ketones are performed by pentaquadrupole mass spectrometric experiments. Novel structurally diagnostic reactions are observed, and found to correlate directly with interfunctional group separation. All five ions tested (CH(3)CO(+), CH(2)(double bond)CHCO(+), PhCO(+), (CH(3))(2)NCO(+) and (CH(3))(2)NCS(+)) react with the gamma-hydroxy ketone (5-hydroxy-2-pentanone) to form nearly exclusively a cyclic oxonium ion of m/z 85 that formally arises from hydroxy anion abstraction. With the beta-hydroxy ketone (4-hydroxy-2-pentanone), CH(2)(double bond)CHCO(+), PhCO(+) and (CH(3))(2)NCO(+) form adducts that undergo fast cyclization via intramolecular water displacement, yielding resonance-stabilized cyclic dioxinylium ions. With the alpha-hydroxy ketone (3-hydroxy-3-methyl-2-butanone), PhCO(+), (CH(3))(2)NCO(+) and (CH(3))(2)NCS(+) form stable adducts. Evidence that these adducts display cyclic structures is provided by the triple-stage mass spectra of the (CH(3))(2)NCS(+) adduct; it dissociates to (CH(3))(2)NCO(+) via a characteristic reaction-dissociation pathway that promotes sulfur-by-oxygen replacement. If cyclizations are assumed to occur with intramolecular anchimeric assistance, relationships between structure and reactivity are easily recognized.
Subject: Acetals
Mass Spectrometry
Molecular Structure
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1002/jms.270
Date Issue: 2002
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