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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Chromosomal Comparisons Among And Within Populations Of Simulium (chirostilbia) Pertinax (diptera, Simuliidae).
Author: Campos, J
Andrade, C F
Recco-Pimentel, S M
Abstract: Chromosomal studies were carried on six larval populations of Simulium (Chirostilbia) pertinax from different locations in Brazil. Larvae were collected in the states of Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Polytene chromosome map comparisons within and among populations showed no differences in banding pattern, except for some limited polymorphism (secondary NOR and four band polymorphisms). There were no chromosomal variations associated with the resistance or susceptibility of the larvae to temephos. The chromosomal homosequentiality found among the six populations suggests that S. pertinax may be a monomorphic species.
Subject: Animals
Chromosome Mapping
Nucleolus Organizer Region
Polymorphism, Genetic
Citation: Memórias Do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz. v. 96, n. 3, p. 365-9, 2001-Apr.
Rights: aberto
Date Issue: 2001
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