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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Growth Cartilage Calcification And Formation Of Bone Trabeculae Are Late And Dissociated Events In The Endochondral Ossification Of Rana Catesbeiana.
Author: Felisbino, S L
Carvalho, H F
Abstract: Endochondral ossification in the growth cartilage of long bones from the bullfrog Rana catesbeiana was examined. In stage-46 tadpoles and 1-year-old animals, the hypertrophic cartilage had a smooth contact with the bone marrow and the matrix showed no calcification or endochondral bone formation. In spite of showing no aspects of calcification, the chondrocytes exhibited alkaline phosphatase activity and some of them died by apoptosis. However, matrix calcification and endochondral ossification were observed in 2-year-old bullfrogs. Calcium deposits appeared as isolated or coalesced spherical structures in the extracellular matrix of hypertrophic cartilage. Bone trabeculae were restricted to the central area at the sites where the hypertrophic cartilage surface was exposed to the bone marrow. Cartilage matrix calcification and the formation of bone trabeculae were not dependent on each other. Osteoclasts were involved in calcified matrix resorption. These results demonstrate that the calcification of hypertrophic cartilage and the deposition of bone trabeculae are late events in R. catesbeiana and do not contribute to the development and growth of long bones in adults. These processes may play a role in reinforcing bony structures as the bullfrog gains weight in adulthood. In addition, the deposition of bone trabeculae is not dependent on cartilage matrix calcification.
Subject: Alkaline Phosphatase
Bone And Bones
Calcification, Physiologic
Dna Fragmentation
Growth Plate
Rana Catesbeiana
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1007/s004410100446
Date Issue: 2001
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