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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Endogenous Lectin As A Possible Regulator Of The Hydrolysis Of Physiological Substrates By Soybean Seed Acid Phosphatase.
Author: Aoyama, H
Cavagis, A D
Taga, E M
Ferreira, C V
Abstract: The effects of two lectins concanavalin A (conA) and soybean agglutinin, on soybean seed acid phosphatase activity were investigated using p-nitrophenylphosphate (pNPP), pyrophosphate (PPi) and phosphoenolpyruvate (PEP) as substrates. Of the four acid phosphatase isoforms (AP1, AP2, AP3A and AP3B) purified from soybean seeds, only AP1 was activated 40 and 60% by conA and soybean agglutinin, respectively. Both lectins affected some of the kinetic parameters of AP1. The activation by lectins was not affected by 1 mM Ca2+ or Mn2+ but glucose and methylmannopyranoside (100 mM) prevented activation by conA. Under the same conditions, galactose had no effect. These results suggest that plant acid phosphatases may be regulated by lectins, the effects vary according to the substrate used.
Subject: Acid Phosphatase
Plant Lectins
Substrate Specificity
Citation: Phytochemistry. v. 58, n. 2, p. 221-5, 2001-Sep.
Rights: fechado
Date Issue: 2001
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