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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Ca2+ Induces A Cyclosporin A-insensitive Permeability Transition Pore In Isolated Potato Tuber Mitochondria Mediated By Reactive Oxygen Species.
Author: Fortes, F
Castilho, R F
Catisti, R
Carnieri, E G
Vercesi, A E
Abstract: Oxidative damage of mammalian mitochondria induced by Ca2+ and prooxidants is mediated by the attack of mitochondria-generated reactive oxygen species on membrane protein thiols promoting oxidation and cross-linkage that leads to the opening of the mitochondrial permeability transition pore (Castilho et al., 1995). In this study, we present evidence that deenergized potato tuber (Solanum tuberosum) mitochondria, which do not possess a Ca2+ uniport, undergo inner membrane permeabilization when treated with Ca2+ (>0.2 mM), as indicated by mitochondrial swelling. Similar to rat liver mitochondria, this permeabilization is enhanced by diamide, a thiol oxidant that creates a condition of oxidative stress by oxidizing pyridine nucleotides. This is inhibited by the antioxidants catalase and dithiothreitol. Potato mitochondrial membrane permeabilization is not inhibited by ADP, cyclosporin A, and ruthenium red, and is partially inhibited by Mg2+ and acidic pH, well known inhibitors of the mammalian mitochondrial permeability transition. The lack of inhibition of potato mitochondrial permeabilization by cyclosporin A is in contrast to the inhibition of the peptidylprolyl cis-trans isomerase activity, that is related to the cyclosporin A-binding protein cyclophilin. Interestingly, the monofunctional thiol reagent mersalyl induces an extensive cyclosporin A-insensitive potato mitochondrial swelling, even in the presence of lower Ca2+ concentrations (>0.01 mM). In conclusion, we have identified a cyclosporin A-insensitive permeability transition pore in isolated potato mitochondria that is induced by reactive oxygen species.
Subject: Animals
In Vitro Techniques
Membrane Potentials
Mitochondrial Proteins
Mitochondrial Swelling
Plant Proteins
Reactive Oxygen Species
Solanum Tuberosum
Sulfhydryl Compounds
Rights: fechado
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Date Issue: 2001
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