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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Determination Of Salicylate In Blood Serum Using An Amperometric Biosensor Based On Salicylate Hydroxylase Immobilized In A Polypyrrole-glutaraldehyde Matrix.
Author: Rover Júnior, L
de Oliveira Neto, G
Roberto Fernandes, J
Tatsuo Kubota, L
Abstract: The use of an amperometric biosensor for the salicylate determination in blood serum is described. The biosensor is based on salicylate hydroxylase (EC electropolymerized onto a glassy carbon-working electrode with polypyrrole and glutaraldehyde, to improve the biosensor lifetime. The hexacyanoferrate (II) was also incorporated to work as a redox mediator to minimize possible interferences. The salicylate is enzymatically converted to catechol, which is monitored amperometrically by its electrooxidation at+0.170 V versus SCE (saturated calomel electrode). Salicylate determination was carried out maintaining the ratio between beta-NADH and salicylate at 4:1 (30 degrees C). The amperometric response of the biosensor was linearly proportional to the salicylate concentration between 2.3x10(-6) and 1.4x10(-5) mol l(-1), in 0.1 mol l(-1) phosphate buffer (pH 7.8), containing 0.1 mol l(-1) KCl and 5.0x10(-4) mol l(-1) Na(2)H(2)EDTA, as supporting electrolyte. The recovery studies, in the presence of several interfering compounds, showed recoveries between 96.4 and 104.8%. The useful lifetime of the biosensor in the concentration range evaluated was at least 40 days, in continuous use. Blood serum samples analyzed by this biosensor showed a good correlation compared to the spectrophotometric method (Trinder) used as reference, presenting relative deviations lower than 7.0%.
Citation: Talanta. v. 51, n. 3, p. 547-57, 2000-Mar.
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Date Issue: 2000
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