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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Non-neuronal Cells Are Not The Limiting Factor For The Low Axonal Regeneration In C57bl/6j Mice.
Author: Oliveira, A L
Langone, F
Abstract: Peripheral axonal regeneration was investigated in adult male mice of the C57BL/6J (C), BALB/cJ (B) and A/J (A) strains and in their F1 descendants using a predegenerated nerve transplantation model. Four types of transplants were performed: 1) isotransplants between animals of the C, B and A strains; 2) donors of the C strain and recipients of the C x B and C x A breeding; 3) donors of the B strain and recipients of the C x B breeding, and 4) donors of the A strain and recipients of the C x A breeding. Donors had the left sciatic nerve transected and two weeks later a segment of the distal stump was transplanted into the recipient. Four weeks after transplantation the regenerated nerves were used to determine the total number of regenerated myelinated fibers (TMF), diameter of myelinated fibers (FD) and myelin thickness (MT). The highest TMF values were obtained in the groups where C57BL/6J mice were the donors (C to F1 (C x B) = 4658 +/- 304; C to F1 (C x A) = 3899 +/- 198). Also, A/J grafts led to a significantly higher TMF (A to F1 (C x A) = 3933 +/- 565). Additionally, isotransplant experiments showed that when the nerve is previously degenerated, C57BL/6J mice display the largest number of myelinated fibers (C to C = 3136 +/- 287; B to B = 2759 +/- 170, and A to A = 2835 +/- 239). We also observed that when C57BL/6J was the graft donor, FD was the highest and MT did not differ significantly when compared with the other groups. These morphometric results reinforce the idea that Schwann cells and the nerve environment of C57BL/6J provide enough support to the regenerative process. In this respect, the present results support the hypothesis that the non-neuronal cells, mainly Schwann cells, present in the sciatic nerve of C57BL/6J mice are not the main limiting factor responsible for low axonal regeneration.
Subject: Animals
Mice, Inbred A
Mice, Inbred Balb C
Mice, Inbred C57bl
Nerve Degeneration
Nerve Regeneration
Peripheral Nerves
Schwann Cells
Sciatic Nerve
Species Specificity
Transplantation, Isogeneic
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Date Issue: 2000
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