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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Biochemical Composition And Cariogenicity Of Dental Plaque Formed In The Presence Of Sucrose Or Glucose And Fructose.
Author: Cury, J A
Rebelo, M A
Del Bel Cury, A A
Derbyshire, M T
Tabchoury, C P
Abstract: The composition of dental plaque formed in the presence of sucrose or glucose and fructose and its relation to cariogenicity was evaluated. Twelve adult volunteers took part in this crossover study done in three phases of 28 days each. For each phase, an acrylic resin appliance containing four human dental enamel blocks was constructed for the volunteers. Solutions containing 20% sucrose or 10% glucose + 10% fructose were dripped onto the enamel blocks 8 times a day, while in the control group no solution was used. Enamel surface and cross-sectional microhardness results showed that dental plaque formed in the presence of sucrose was more cariogenic than that formed in the presence of glucose + fructose (p<0.05). The concentration of alkali-soluble carbohydrates in dental plaque was higher in the sucrose group than in the control and glucose + fructose groups (p<0.05). Although concentrations of Ca, P and F were lower in plaque formed in the presence of sucrose than glucose + fructose and the control, significant differences (p<0.05) were only observed in relation to control. The electrophoretic profile of the matrix proteins of dental plaque showed distinct patterns when it was formed in the absence or presence of the different carbohydrates. Although the results suggest that the high cariogenicity of dental plaque formed in the presence of sucrose can be mainly explained by the high concentration of insoluble glucans of its matrix, the low inorganic concentration and its protein composition may have some contribution.
Subject: Acrylic Resins
Cariogenic Agents
Cross-over Studies
Dental Enamel
Dental Plaque
Single-blind Method
Statistics, Nonparametric
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 16629
Date Issue: -1-Uns- -1
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