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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: [use Of Fiber Enriched Biscuit In The Treatment Of Chronic Intestinal Constipation].
Author: Sevá-Pereira, A
de Moraes, G R
de Oliveira, S P
Reyes, F G
Abstract: Fiber rich cereal brans have been used for the therapeutic treatment of intestinal constipation. To improve acceptability and routine use, cookies were produced from fresh corn pericarp containing 23.3% of dietary cookies. The therapeutic effect of such cookies on simple intestinal constipation was evaluated. 8 individuals with chronic intestinal constipation and without other gastrointestinal diseases were selected. Each individual was given two diets, each of them during a seven day period: first, normal diet and, second, normal diet supplemented with 100 g of the cookies, i.e., with an increase of 23 g of dietary fiber per day. The cookies produced an increase in the frequency of evacuation (from 0.27 to 0.81 times/day), in fecal weight (from 38.3 to 117.4 g of feces/day), in water content of the feces (from 29.1 to 91.0 g of water/day), in the dry matter of the feces (from 9.1 to 26.4 g/day), and in the fiber content of the feces (from 1.59 to 8.52 g/day). As the addition of the cookies to the diet promoted increases in all fecal parameters studied, they could be considered an option in the treatment of intestinal constipation.
Subject: Chronic Disease
Dietary Fiber
Food, Formulated
Zea Mays
Citation: Revista Paulista De Medicina. v. 109, n. 6, p. 265-8
Rights: fechado
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