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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Critical Electrolyte Concentration Of The Heterochromatin And Euchromatin Of Triatoma Infestans.
Author: Mello, M L
Vidal, B de C
Abstract: The binding of toluidine blue molecules under Mg2+ competitive staining conditions was investigated in chromocentres and the euchromatin of single- and multi-chromocentred nuclei of Triatoma infestans Malpighian tubule cells. It was demonstrated that the chromocentre of single-chromocentred nuclei exhibited the largest critical electrolyte concentration (CEC) value (0.4 M), followed by the chromocentres of multi-chromocentred nuclei (0.3 M) and the euchromatin (0.2 M). The differences in CEC values were assumed to be due to differences in availability of free DNA phosphates and in packing states of the DNA-protein complexes of these chromatin types. Differences in chromatin supra-organization were evident for the chromocentral heterochromatin of single vs multi-chromocentred nuclei. This was also valid for the chromocentral heterochromatin in some multi-chromocentred nuclei, when one of the heterochromatic bodies was especially larger than the others.
Subject: Animals
Magnesium Chloride
Malpighian Tubules
Staining And Labeling
Tolonium Chloride
Citation: Cytobios. v. 59, n. 237, p. 87-93, 1989.
Rights: fechado
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Date Issue: 1989
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