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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Spermine Stimulates Rna-dependent Reverse Transcriptase Activity.
Author: Aoyama, H
Abstract: The polyamine spermine can not replace Mg2+ in the reactions catalyzed by avian myeloblastosis virus reverse transcriptase. In the presence of suboptimal Mg2+ concentrations, spermine enhanced the reverse transcriptase activities with viral 70 S RNA and synthetic polyriboadenylic acid as templates, about 4-fold and 2-fold, respectively. A similar effect occurred in the polyriboadenylic acid-directed reaction using Mn2+ as divalent cation. On the other hand, no stimulation by spermine was observed with activated DNA and polydeoxyadenylic acid as template in the reactions catalyzed by reverse transcriptase.
Subject: Avian Leukosis Virus
Avian Myeloblastosis Virus
Cations, Divalent
Poly Da-dt
Rna, Viral
Rna-directed Dna Polymerase
Templates, Genetic
Rights: fechado
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Date Issue: 1989
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