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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Genetic diversity of Metrodorea nigra (Rutaceae) from a small forest remnant in Brazil assessed with microsatellite markers
Author: Guidugli, M. C.
Ferreira-Ramos, R.
de Sousa, A. C. B.
Cidade, F. W.
Marconi, T. G.
Mestriner, M. A.
Groppo, M.
Alzate-Marin, A. L.
Abstract: Metrodorea nigra (Rutaceae) is an endemic Brazilian tree of great ecological importance, frequently found in the submontane regions of ombrophilous dense and semideciduous forests. This tree is useful for reforesting degraded areas and the wood can be employed in construction. We developed 12 microsatellite markers from a genomic library enriched for GA/CA repeats, for this species. Polymorphisms were assessed in 40 trees of a highly fragmented population found in Cravinhos, State of Sao Paulo, in southeastern Brazil. Among the 12 loci, 8 were polymorphic and only one had fixed alleles in this population. The number of alleles per locus and expected heterozygosity ranged from 2 to 11 and from 0.190 to 0.889, respectively. These results revealed moderate levels of genetic variation in M. nigra population when compared to other tropical species. Additionally, transferability of the 12 primers was tested in seven other Brazilian Rutaceae tree species (endemics: M. stipularis, Galipea jasminiflora, Esenbeckia leiocarpa and non-endemics: E. febrifuga, E. grandiflora, Balfourodendron riedelianum, Zanthoxylum riedelianum). Transferability ranged among species, but at least 8 loci (similar to 67%) amplified in M. stipularis, demonstrating a high potential for transferring microsatellite markers between species of the same genus in the Rutaceae family.
Subject: Tropical forest species
Population genetics
SSR markers
Country: Brazil
Editor: Funpec-Editora
Citation: Genetics and Molecular Research. Funpec-Editora, v.11, n.1, p.10-16, 2012
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.4238/2012.January.9.2
Date Issue: 2012
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