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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Colibacillosis in lambs is associated to type I heat-stable enterotoxin in a farm in Sao Paulo State, Brazil
Author: Barbosa Aragao, Annelize Zambon
Teocchi, Marcelo Ananias
Duarte Fregolente, Maria Clara
Viccari Gatti, Maria Silvia
Pires, Alexandre Vaz
Yano, Tomomasa
Abstract: Twenty seven (48.2%) culture supernatants of 56 Escherichia coli isolated from diarrheic lamb feces (7 to 10 days old) in Sao Paulo State, Brazil, presented positive results to suckling mice assay (fluid accumulation) but none caused cytopathic effects on Vero and CHO cells, indicating that these strains did not produced LT or VT toxins. PCR assays showed that these 27 E. coli strains harbored estA, that codifies for STa, but not for stx1, stx2 or cnf genes. The positive STa strains were checked for genes that codify for F41, F17 and K99 fimbriae, wich are considered colonization factors in ETEC. Only F17 was detect in two samples (7.4%). Twelve of 27 STa positive carried hlyA gene and presented hemolytic activity in blood Agar. Presence of rotavirus was not detected among the diarrheic feces. These data suggests that STa must be an important diarrheagenic factor to small ruminants in Sao Paulo State.
Subject: lambs
Escherichia coli
Editor: Univ Federal Santa Maria
Citation: Ciencia Rural. Univ Federal Santa Maria, v.42, n.5, p.854-857, 2012
Rights: fechado
Date Issue: 2012
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