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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Erros Na AquisiÇÃo Da FlexÃo Verbal: Uma InterpretaÇÃo Interacionista
Author: Irani Rodrigues Maldonade
Abstract: The present work interprets verbal inflection error’s in M’s speech from 1;0.23 to 3;04.30, according to the theorization developed by De Lemos (1982 to 2002). Both regular and irregular verbs are foccused. Two works about portuguese verbal inflection acquisition were remembered: Figueira (1998, 2003) and Perroni-Simões (1976). The last one observed the prevalence of the first conjugation in the child’s errors. She proposed an order for the acquisition of verbal inflection by the children. However, responding just about the prevalence of one of the conjugation classes was to treat the question partially, because language acquisition is a subjectivity process, in which subject and language form an unity. The changes (linguistic and subjective ones) that occur in language acquisiton process are changes of position in a structure, where are present: the other, the language, and the subject him/herself. The outline analysis is offered by theorical model. It is verified in M’s speech that divergent verbal forms came from the speech of the other towards her, what is interpreted as the first position of the child in the structure, marked by the dominance of the child’s speech alienation to the other’s speech. In the second position, caracterized by the dominance of language movement in the child’s speech, errors were also founded in M’s speech. It was observed the movement of linguistics chains, that in a parallelistic game, has given support to changes in the child’s speech. The child’s displacement in the structure, from the first to the second position, is foccused. Verbal inflection error’s have given the investigator the privilege of seeing in the child’s speech the exact point of conversion of the speech of the other into his/her own speech (or in the subject’s speech), as indicated by the theorization developed by De Lemos (1982 to 2002).
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Date Issue: 17-Jul-2011
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