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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Atividade MetalinguÍstica Em DiscussÃo: A RefacÇÃo Textual Escrita De Sujeitos AfÁsicos
Author: Heloísa Oliveira Macedo
Abstract: Although there have been several studies about the processses of rewriting texts there is none related to aphasia. Even thou rewriting is considered as an alternative to promote reflection, to searching for new ways and, therefore, as a new possibility of sigfiynig in a text, in language, it was never studied with brain damaged subjects. When the subjects recognizes the need to rewrite his text in order to make themselves understood in a more accurate way by his partners, they change their strategies, adjusts their language and positions themselves as a social subjects. The theory on which this work is based is the Neurolinguistics developed  by Coudry (1986) and Morato (1995), discoursively oriented, which assumes the close relation between language and speech, language and cognition and between the subject and the social practices. Three aphasic subjects were followed while the process of writing texts about their history on aphasia, mainly about the consequences that the condition of being aphasics brought to their lives. The process of writing was carried together with the investigator, when they talked about their doubts and about the hyphotesis they made about the process of writing. The analysis shows that the cognitive aspects related to the knowledge of the roles and structures of a written text are preserved. In fact, they were able to recognize when something is not properly organized. In general, the research shows that the work with rewriting allows the subject to recover and/or improve their competence in reading and writing.
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Date Issue: 19-Sep-2011
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