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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: A Pcr-based Strategy For Dombrock Screening In Brazilian Blood Donors Reveals A Novel Allele: The Do Z.ast;a-wl
Author: Baleotti W.
Suzuki R.B.
Polotto M.
Ruiz M.O.
Fabron A.
Castilho L.
Abstract: Determination of the molecular basis underlying the antigens in the Dombrock blood group system has shown various rearrangements between the alleles associated with DO z.ast;A and DO z.ast;B. Based on this, we employed a PCR-based strategy to screen DO alleles (DO z.ast;A, DO z.ast;B, HY z.ast;1, HY z.ast;2 and JO) in Brazilians. Methods: We tested DNA of 278 Brazilian blood donors by PCR-RFLP on plates of 96 wells to determine the 793A/G (DO z.ast;A/DO z.ast;B), 323G/T (HY), 350C/T (JO) and 898C/G (HY z.ast;1/HY z.ast;2) single nucletide polymorphisms. In order to confirm the results sequence analysis was also performed. Results: When samples of these donors were analyzed, a novel allele combination, the DO z.ast;A allele (793A and 323G) associated with 898G was identified and designated as DO z.ast;A-WL allele. This new allele encoding 300Val is the same as HY z.ast;1 at nucleotide 898 on the molecular background of DO z.ast;A. Among the 556 alleles analyzed by PCR-RFLP, 3 were DO z.ast;A-WL and 78 were DO z.ast;B-WL. This represents an overall frequency of 0.5% for DO z.ast;A-WL and 14% for DO z.ast;B-WL across the population studied. Conclusion: Molecular screening of Brazilians revealed one novel allele, the DO z.ast;A-WL. Our data highlight the importance of testing a cohort of different populations to determine DO haplotypes and to establish reliable genotyping tests for predicting Do a/Do b status. © 2011 Wiley-Liss, Inc.
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Identifier DOI: 10.1002/jcla.20436
Date Issue: 2011
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