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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Measurement Of The Σ̄- Lifetime And Direct Comparison With The Σ+ Lifetime
Author: Barbosa R.F.
Albuquerque I.F.
Bondar N.F.
Carrigan R.
Chen D.
Cooper P.S.
Lisheng D.
Denisov A.S.
Dobrovolsky A.V.
Dubbs T.
Endler A.M.F.
Escobar C.O.
Foucher M.
Golovtsov V.L.
Gottschalk H.
Gouffon P.
Grachev V.T.
Khanzadeev A.V.
Kubantsev M.A.
Kuropatkin N.P.
Lach J.
Langland J.
Pengfei L.
Chengze L.
Yunshan L.
Luksys M.
Mahon J.R.P.
McCliment E.
Morelos A.
Newsom C.
Pommot Maia M.C.
Samsonov V.M.
Schegelsky V.A.
Huanzhang S.
Smith V.J.
Fukun T.
Terentyev N.K.
Timm S.
Tkatch I.I.
Uvarov L.N.
Vorobyov A.A.
Jie Y.
Wenheng Z.
Shuchen Z.
Yuanyuan Z.
Abstract: We have measured the lifetime of the Σ̄- using the Fermilab Proton Center 375 GeV/c charged hyperon beam. We obtained (80.43±0.80±0.14) ps. We also measured the lifetime of the Σ+, obtaining (80.38 ±0.40±0.14) ps, in agreement with the Particle Data Group value. A direct comparison between the two lifetimes from the ratio of the decay curves gives a fractional lifetime difference of Δτ/τ=(-0.06±1.12)%, consistent with equal lifetimes for baryon and antibaryon as required by CPT invariance. ©1999 The American Physical Society.
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Date Issue: 2000
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