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Title: Ups Of A-si:h<er>: What Is The Energy Of The Er 4f States?
Author: Tessler L.R.
Piamonteze C.
Iniguez A.C.
De Siervo A.
Landers R.
Morais J.
Abstract: One very important problem concerning erbium-doped silicon is the electronic structure of the Er3+ impurities. In particular, it is still not clear if the 4f levels can be treated as frozen core levels or their overlap with s and p states of their neighbors must be considered explicitly. For crystalline Si, the 4f levels have been supposed to be anywhere between 20 eV below the valence band and within the energy gap. In this paper we report on the first ultraviolet photoemission spectroscopy (UPS) measurements on Er-doped a-Si:H. Samples of a-Si:H&lt;Er&gt; with different Er contents (up to 1 at. % Er) were prepared by co-sputtering from a Si target partially covered with metallic Er platelets. In order to enhance the Er states relative to the Si and H states, the excitation energy was tuned between 40 and 140 eV with a synchrotron light source. At 140 eV excitation energy the cross-section of the Er 4f and 5p states is more than an order of magnitude higher than the cross section of the Si 3s or 3p states. As the Er concentration increases, a shoulder and then a peak appears at 10.0±0.5 eV binding energy. The intensity and width of this peak is well correlated with the Er concentration, and with the Er Sp3/2 and 5p1/2 levels at 26 and 32 eV binding energy, respectively. We attribute the peak at 10.0±0.5 eV binding energy to the Er 4f level. These are the only occupied states that can be related to the presence of Er, indicating that these levels are not valence states and consequently can be treated as frozen core levels.
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Date Issue: 2000
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